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What is Cupping Therapy ?

Cupping Therapy has been used for thousands of years, the negative pressure created inside the cup is unique to this form of therapy in the way it encourages removal of unwanted substances deep within the tissues.

Many Therapists have adopted cupping as a complementary alternative to treat a multitude of ailments ranging from constipation to cellulite removal, even muscular and joint pain.

Cupping Therapy should not be attempted without the appropriate training in this field for as with all complementary therapies there are contraindications to be considered.

There are certain people who are advised against receiving cupping altogether and they include, pregnant women, people with skin allergies, the elderly, children under 5yrs and people under medication for blood thinning to name but a few.

There are many different types of cupping therapy such as vacuum cupping, massage cupping, flash cupping, herbal cupping, wet cupping, dry cupping, needle cupping and water cupping.

Today the two main stream methods ( Sports Cupping) & (Clinical Cupping)

have become popularised by social media, with athletes and celebrities displaying the marks left by these treatments which are often wrongly described as bruises.

In Massage Therapies, silicon cups are used to create negative pressure which in turn creates a pulling action, encouraging the separation of fused or adhered tissue as well as increased vasodilation and enhanced fluid exchange.

If you would like to know more about Sports & Clinical cupping get in touch.

Contact Chris on 07887 898159

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