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What is a Pre-Event Sports Massage & who should have one?

A pre-event sports massage is a therapy treatment that will commonly involve working the soft tissues to help aid your physical and mental relaxation, it will help reduce pain from delayed muscle soreness as well as help increase your muscle strength and mobility,

The end results being that recipient is more physically & psychologically prepared for your what lies ahead, whether that be a runner simply wishing to improve his time or a marathon runner wishing to be better prepared for her competition.

A Pre-Event sports massage may also be used by anyone that wishes to prepare their body and mind more effectively so as to maximise their performance during any physically demanding activity, such as a bodybuilder whom wishes to focus on a legs day,

a cyclist wishing to be on form for an event or even a boxer or martial artist wishing to be more mentally focused and yet relaxed for an upcoming fight,

perhaps your simply a swimmer preparing for that extra length in the pool.

I have even had client use a pre-event sports massage to help them feel better focused for an important job interview or meeting with the boss.

Techniques vary from those use in post-event sports massage in that deep pressure is avoided as this would result in reduced performance and a need for longer recovery following the treatment.

Pre-event sports massage should not be mistaken for a traditional therapeutic massage by your local masseuse, a pre-event sports massage requires a specific skill set only used in sports massage therapies and if not performed correctly can greatly reduce your performance.

For more info get in touch.

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