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Sudden sharp pain in the Ribs ?

Ok.... So your going about your daily tasks and you lean over to pick something up and TWANG !

you feel a sharp pain in your ribs ?

So much so that it takes the wind out of you and puts you in a state of shock !

Now there are a number of reasons for rib pain dependant upon the location of your pain ?

and without doubt you need to get checked out with your G.P as quickly as possible.

The associated symptoms that accompany your pain could depend upon the severity of your condition.

Rib pain can be related to the intercostal muscles in the form of cramp or pinched muscle, which is quite rare, but you may be surprised to hear that it could also be referred pain from an issue with your spine !

The good news is that most rib pain is soft tissue related and can be remedied quicly and effectively by your Sports Massage Therapist.

Why not give me a call to find out more.

Chris: 07887 898159

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