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Stress, Tension = Pain.

Have you ever wondered why your muscles tighten into a knot ? and then can't relax by themselves ?

To understand this process we must first understand whats going on inside of us so heres the basics.

You see our nervous systems respond to stress in a number of ways, physiologically and psychologically, all put additional pressure on our blood vessels, which result in reduced blood flow to the muscles, this can cause muscle tension and pain due to muscle rigidity.

Furthermore when a muscle has been held in a tight shortened position for a length of time this tension becomes accepted by the nervous system as a ‘normal’ state, It then becomes uncomfortable to relax and stretch, this tension will continue to increase and left un checked could lead to tissue damage and even more tension, thus the cycle repeats.

Sports Massage can help restore normal function and reduce pain/tension,

want to know more ? then get in touch !

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