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Stiff Neck ?

Too often people simply wake up in the morning with a stiff neck !

With no apparent reason, you simply sleep wrong is the most common assumption,

more often than not you can't turn your head to one side, the pain disrupts your sleep and it sticks around for days, effecting your work life and gets in the way of those gym workouts you had planned.

Left unchecked it can get worse before it gets better and yet with the correct treatment your'll regain mobility and experience relief in no time at all.

Heres what just one of my clients said following just one of my treatments for this condition.

"After suffering continual neck pain and lower back pain for some time, I've just had an Anma treatment with Chris and to my amazement the tension in my neck has been released and l no longer feel pain or pressure in my back"

(Nicola Boyd, Cheshunt, Herts)

I have a selection of treatment times to suit ranging from 30mins (£25.00) 45mins (£30.00) and 60mins(£40.00)

why not give me a call and see what i can do for you.

Chris Clarry. CTHA Reg Professional Therapist.

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