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Sacroiliac Joint pain ?

Now there are many reasons for back pain and none of them should be left unattended or without correct diagnosis.

Sacroiliac joint pain or Sacroiliitis is it is also known is an inflammation of the sacroiliac joint which is located in your lower back.

There are many causes, some of which include: inflammatory joint disease, trauma, hormonal imbalances and of course soft tissue injury or disfunction.

Symptoms typically include, stiffness in the lower back following periods of sitting or sleeping,

decreased ROM (Range of movement) causing difficulty turning in bed etc.

In males the pain may occasionally radiate out into the testicles as well as the general groin area in females but in most typically can be felt like a tight band across your lower back and your buttocks.

Sports Massage treatments can help alleviate the tension in the surrounding soft tissues, improve blood supply to the area forcing fresh nutrients to aid repair and help to reduce pain and tension by removing soft tissue inflammation thus increasing your range of movement.

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