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How Sports Massage Helps Improve Athletic Performance ?

The basic purpose of a pre-event sports massage is to prepare the athlete’s body for

their upcoming event.

The aim is not to relieve stress or to calm the body down,

but the total opposite.

It aims to prepare the body for fast-paced action that may result in excessive fatigue within the muscle tissues, especially those in the calves and thighs, and it also helps to clear the mind from any distractions on the lead up to the athletes task ahead.

Typically, a pre-event sports massage should be conducted close to the actual event,

however if performed correctly it can be useful up to a few days before, depending upon the type of event, in fact in the case of long distance runners a pre-event sports massage can be tailored to help enhance performance up to about 4 days pre-event.

Some of the methods used in pre-event sports massage treatments can range from AIS (Active isolation stretching) to help encourage range of motion, vibration and sports cupping to name but a few.

Enhanced blood circulation, the removal of any tightness or stiffness within the muscles and the focus on increasing oxygenation as well as cell replenishment is essential as these all add to a greater sense of metal clarity for the athlete thus a further boost to their confidence and metal resolve.

It is crucial that the therapist understands the correct application of a pre-event sports massage to comprehend the psychological aspect of it.

Clear communication between the therapist and the athlete is essential, the therapist needs to fully understand the athletes training program leading up to his event so as to best design a treatment plan that will work best, i.e exactly what it is that the athlete needs in terms of boosting their morale, making them feel good about their physical preparation, and helping them perform to the best of their abilities.

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