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Do you suffer with leg pain or have swollen legs ?

Many of us have excess fluid retention in our ankles, knees and thighs and of course its important to have your condition correctly diagnosis by your G.P before seeking complementary therapy.

At we offer a combination of Sports & Clinical Massage Therapies

all aimed at helping you get back to full health, so whether you need a little extra help recovering from a sports injury or you have pain due to inflammation, here are 3 of the benefits having a Sports & Clinical leg massage treatment can have for you.

1. Sports & Clinical Massage Firstly it helps Improves Blood & Lymph Circulation.

We may use a Clinical Massage technique called Lymphatic drainage,

which is known to reduce inflammation in and around the knees and legs as well as improve cellular fluid exchange in area's that may have become stiff or have lost range of movement due to excess fluid retention.

2. Sports & Clinical Massage can help increase range of movement.

When a joint is swollen it losses its range of movement, this is often as a result of the bodies autoimmune system reacting to an injury by sending cellular fluid to the site of trauma.

Reducing inflammation helps to reduce the restriction around the joint and in the case of a swollen knee post op, Sports & Clinical massage therapy in conjunction with the appropriate physiotherapy treatment can greatly help towards regaining improved range of movement.

3. An effective treatment will help you to Get a Proper nights Sleep.

Any inflammation causes pain and discomfort and the longer it goes on the harder it is to get a good nights sleep which in turn has a detrimental effect on your bodies ability to heal itself,

thus before long your body begins to accept your condition as the norm and it simply doesn't get better without a helping hand.

By reducing inflammation in the legs we reduce the pressure on the nerves and in turn encourage new blood supply to the effected area's, feeding fresh nutrients into damaged tissues helps kick start the bodies healing response which in turn helps stimulate the release of our feel good hormones, hence a good nights sleep.

Want to learn more about our services ?

Give us a call on: 07887 898159

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