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Do You have a Groin Strain ?

As with any strain, groin strain is a stretch or tear of any or all of the adductor muscles of the inner thigh or their tendons.

Football, Rugby, Cycling or Running are just some of the many sports commonly affected by this injury.

Pivoting and quick directional changes are the most common activities for groin pulls, although I have seen my fare share of industrial related injuries with this condition too.

These injuries range from simple stretching of the muscles to more severe tearing of the muscle fibres, as with other strains it is graded 1 through to 3 with 3 being the most severe tear.

As with all conditions, it is always wise to seek out an accurate diagnosis by first visiting you G.P so as to rule out any serious conditions.

Having done that, and depending upon the location and level of your pain your body may require a little help in the healing process, for left untreated groin strains can lead to injuries in other areas which in turn lead to more chronic pain.

For more advice on how I could help you why not give me a call ?

Chris 07887 898159

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