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Can you have a leg massage if you have varicose veins ?

The simple answer is No.

Quite often people that have varicose veins experience pain or discomfort and so often contact me about booking in for a leg massage.

Massage therapy is obviously going to place pressure on the treatment area,

putting pressure on varicose veins can substantially increase the risk of rupture thus also increasing the risk of dislodging any potential blood clots held within the vein.

It may be possible to work above the area of the varicose vein if the vein is located in your calf muscle however I would always advise my clients to speak to their G.P first as the NHS do have options if you fit the criteria.

Self help like elevating your legs will help ease your symptoms and it may be possible for you to use compression stockings during the day, however your blood circulation will need to be checked by your G.P to see if these are suitable for you first.

Here's a link to the the NHS web site for more info on other treatments offered.

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