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Back Pain getting you Down ?

Now you may have been making the most of the weather lately, spending time sorting out the garden perhaps ?

Then you wake up the next day and its like someones kicked you in your side !

You think the pain will ease so you take some tablets, put a heat or cold pack on it or maybe rub some anti-inflammatory gel into the area but despite all this its just not going away.

The pain begins to get you down, it begins to sedate you to the point where all you want to do is sit still and try not aggravate or make it any worse but in the end it begins to effect your sleep and totally disrupt your way of life !

Now let me explain... when a muscle has been held in a contracted state it shortens and unfortunately due to this degree of sustained tension it will become accepted by the nervous system as a normal state !

It becomes uncomfortable to relax and stretch and furthermore, tension will continue to increase.

This tension restricts blood flow to the site of the injury which does not help the healing process which is why you should not wait any longer.

This is when the body needs a helping hand kick start the healing process.

Why not take a look at my customer reviews or give me a call to discuss your treatment options.

Call Chris on; 07887 898159

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