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About the Therapist

Sports & Clinical Massage
Sports Therapy

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" Treat the cause, not just the symptoms"

My former profession has given me a unique perspective into the understanding of injury and rehabilitation in sport related injuries.

As a Professional Martial Arts Instructor with over 53 years experience, having originally studied and qualified in Japan,

then as the Head Instructor / Coach for the YKA

I have come across my fair share of sports related injuries.

In Japan the traditional healing methods such as  Anma - Shiatsu - Kiatsu- Acupuncture- Moxibuxion & Traditional Cupping therapies go side by side within the practice of traditional Martial Arts and my personal journey has been strongly influenced by my mentors from both Japan and the UK. 

My father was himself a martial artist and professional Sports therapist with over 40 years in the industry as well as an ITEC tutor and former student of the original founder of ITEC, Prof. William Arnold-Taylor.

ITEC is a government-regulated awarding organisation and the leading examination board for sports, fitness, complementary therapy qualifications for over 45 years.

I will forever be thankful for his mentorship and inspirational guidance during my transition into this industry.

My client base has developed over the past 20+ years mainly from referrals.

Based on Canvey Island, Essex, 

I also offer a mobile sports therapy service which covers most of Essex & Hertfordshire.

I practice a combination of traditional Japanese manual therapies as well as current complementary clinical practice methods, all aimed at helping my clients recover from both sports, leisure and industrial related soft tissue injuries.

My qualifications and associated components Include:

  • Post Graduate Diploma from the Essex Academy of Physiatrics (M.F.Phys)

  • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

  • Application of Sports & Clinical therapy treatments

  • ITEC Diploma's

  • Sports Massage Practitioner  Diploma (Distinction)

  • Applied First aid in sports 

  • Specialist aspects of physical therapy in sports

  • Sports Injury taping

  • Quality Licence Scheme Certificate Holder

  • Study of sports therapy and treatment of injury, patient management and competence of good working practice

  • Anma - Traditional Japanese Mobilisation Massage therapy & techniques including Kiatsu / Shiatsu (Acupressure)

  • Ultrasound & Electro therapies

  • Sports & Clinical (Cupping Therapies) (Distinction)

  • Other Sports & Clinical related modules associated to the services I currently offer.

Owner of

Fully Insured, Registered Professional Therapist &

M.A. Training Provider.

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